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Ph.D Thesis

  • 김의창, "Genetic Algorithms for the Task Allocation on Multiprocessor Systems,"박사학위논문, 1993
  • 문원식, "File Migration with Load Balancing in Distributed Systems,"박사학위논문, 1995
  • 심원, "A Mechanism for minimizing binary decision diagrams based on genetic algorithms,"박사학위논문, 1994
  • 김정숙, "An efficient distributed hybrid algorithm for the traveling salesman problem,"박사학위논문, 1999
  • 한인, "An Ordered broadcast protocol for distributed systems,"박사학위논문, 2000
  • 김태규, "Improvement of IPTV Channel Change Performance considering Access Network Architecture,"박사학위논문, 2010
  • 노진홍, "Time Synchronization using the Accumulative Time Information in Sensor Networks,"박사학위논문, 2006
  • 구현우, "Estimation of the Static Worst Case Execution Time considering the Kernel Service,"박사학위논문, 2009

Master's Thesis

  • 박치헌, "Complexity of Scheduling to Minimize Total Weighted Tardiness,"석사학위논문, 1983
  • 박상우, "The Design and Implementation of an Expert System for Head and Neck Pain Diagnosis,"석사학위논문, 1986
  • 이영란, "A study on Korean digit recognition,"석사학위논문, 1986
  • 조성빈, "A Design and Implementation of Medical Expert System for Specific Domain - Diabetes Disease,"석사학위논문, 1986
  • 김계관, "A Study on The Expert System for VLSI Detailed Router,"석사학위논문, 1987
  • 이영희, "A Study on the Development of a Channel Router for VLSI Layout Design,"석사학위논문, 1987
  • 유학식, "A Study of The Task Allocation Using Heuristic Algorithm in Distributed System,"석사학위논문, 1988
  • 김의창, "Three process scheduling with dynamic optimal assignment,"석사학위논문, 1986
  • 신순철, "An Efficient Algorithm for Allocating Tasks on Multiprocessor Systems,"석사학위논문, 1991
  • 문원식, "A Study of the Decentralized Load Balancing Algorithm in Distributed System,"석사학위논문, 1988
  • 심원, "A Mechanism for Minimizing Binary Decision Diagrams Based on Genetic Algorithms,"석사학위논문, 1993
  • 임준형, "Neural Network Learning Using Geneic Algorithms,"석사학위논문, 1993
  • 정지웅, "Whole File Caching with file Replication,"석사학위논문, 1994
  • 나정정, "An Improved Grid Protocol for File Replication,"석사학위논문, 1995
  • 박은주, "Adaptive File Allocation for Large - sized Files based on Usage Pattern,"석사학위논문, 1996
  • 김정숙, "Design of Distributed Algorithms Using Asynchronous Remote Procedure Calls,"석사학위논문, 1995
  • 여인춘, "Design of Protocol for Hierarchical Coordinator Model in Group Communications,"석사학위논문, 1997
  • 한인, "Broadcasting Protocol Using Multiple Sequencers,"석사학위논문, 1996
  • 김정수, "Adaptive replicated objects with migration in distributed environment,"석사학위논문, 1998
  • 안진우, "(A) Fair Subtask Deadline Assignment in Distributed Soft Real-Time System,"석사학위논문, 1998
  • 유병인, "Improving the Performance of TCP over Mobile Computing Environments based on Wireless Link States and Data Characteristics,"석사학위논문, 1999
  • 박태원, "An Efficient Playback Technique for Video Data in Low Bandwidth Enviroment,"석사학위논문, 2000
  • 나성국, "Group membership service in the virtual topology for Distributed Real-time Systems,"석사학위논문, 2002
  • 이희영, "The Impact of Structured Basic Program on Computer Science Education in Primary, Middle High School,"석사학위논문, 1985
  • 이창우, "(An) efficient token management for ring based group communication systems,"석사학위논문i, 2000
  • 박수, "Load balancing with process lifetime distribution,"석사학위논문, 2000
  • 김태규, "(An) efficient consistency model for software distributed shared memory systems,"석사학위논문, 1999
  • 서진호, "Advanced adaptive leases algorithm for web caching,"석사학위논문, 2001
  • 남광현, "A Reliable group management for distributed real-time environment,"석사학위논문, 2001
  • 김현섭, "Effects of Ramulus mori extract on obesity and lipid metabolism in high fat diet rats,"석사학위논문, 2003
  • 김유희, "Design and Implementation of a Digital Voting System Using XML-Signature and XML Encryption,"석사학위논문, 2003
  • 노진홍, "Efficient load balancing mechanism in distributed web servers,"석사학위논문, 2001
  • 황호성, "A Server Selection Algorithm for Load Balancing on the Web Server Cluster,"석사학위논문, 2003
  • 이윤준, "A Clock Synchronization Protocol for Distributed Embedded Systems in Wireless Environments,"석사학위논문, 2003
  • 김소영, "DNS-based Load Distribution Using Ring Topology,"석사학위논문, 2005
  • 구현우, "Hybrid fault tolerant real-time task scheduling approach with resource utilization in Multiprocessor Systems,"석사학위논문, 2003
  • 윤석호, "Effective overlay network reconstruction approach for fault tolerance in Grid environment ,"석사학위논문, 2006
  • 정은미, "Simple Load balancing in Structured P2P Systems,"석사학위논문, 2009
  • 주태우, "Authentication for Original Documents Using XML,"석사학위논문, 2003
  • 곽문상, "Design and Implementation of Message Security Protocol using SPKI/SDSI,"석사학위논문, 2005
  • 정장영, "RFID Authentication Protocol Verification in Serverless Environments,"석사학위논문, 2009
  • 정준호, "Time Synchronization with Fault Tolerance in Sensor Networks,"석사학위논문, 2009
  • Cu Xuan Tien, "Mobile Robot Path Planning based on Ant Colony Algorithm,"석사학위논문, 2011

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